FieldFLEX Mobile App Platform


FieldFLEX is a mobile application platform that offers enterprise IWMS functionality on mobile devices. FieldFLEX integrates with industry-leading IWMS platforms, such as IBM TRIRIGA, using the FieldFLEX DMX/T Management Server. The FieldFLEX DMX/T Server facilitates device management, security services and brokers data synchronization and workflow calls between the mobile device and the host IWMS platform.

On the mobile device, FieldFLEX’s Mobile Enterprise Application Runtime (MEARTM) Engine provides the user with an intuitive, user friendly interface complete with workflow-driven forms, interactive floor plans and maps, scanning capabilities and off-line mode, among other powerful features. The FieldFLEX MEAR can be downloaded from all of the major mobile app stores.

(sample deployment below)