FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS

ff-iwmsThe FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS provide integrated mobile applications for IBM TRIRIGA and ARCHIBUS that have been designed and optimized specifically for field-based personnel in Facilities Operations and Corporate Real Estate Management. Built to use the popular iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices, FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS offers significant functionality enhancements to streamline your facilities, maintenance and real estate business. Users of FieldFLEX Mobile IWMS can access interactive drawings and configurable mobile forms on their mobile devices. System-wide features include automated timers, flexible resource management and mobile document/image viewing; all powered by the FieldFLEX Management Server and fully integrated with your IWMS solution.

FieldFLEX Mobile Field Services
FieldFLEX Facility and Asset Surveys
FieldFLEX Workplace Inspections
Mobile Maintenance
Mobile Space


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Mobile Maintenance Services



Maintenance and Field Service technicians use FieldFLEX to record maintenance activities on a mobile device. FieldFLEX allows your facilities workforce to optimize their time, beginning to end. At FieldFLEX we have created a series of user friendly mobile forms for quick access to update maintenance and inspection data, repairs, resources consumption, and updates to asset information at the point-of-activity. These forms are easily configurable to suit your business processes and have the ability to connect to multiple data sources. The flexibility allows you to control data flows to and from the mobile devices. FieldFLEX utilizes existing network, communications and IWMS platform infrastructure to deploy mobile wireless devices to field service technicians.

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Facility Condition Assessment



Engineers and Assessors use FieldFLEX to record condition and lifecycle data on a mobile device. FieldFLEX allows for faster and more efficient ways of capturing data related to site, facilities, and assets and equipment conditions. It also supports capital planning and budgeting efforts by building your core asset and condition data from the ground up.  At FieldFLEX we have created a series of user friendly forms for quick and easy access to report conditions related to asset status, asset health, risk issues and future capital asset costs to maintain, repair  or replace.


Mobile Space Manager



FieldFLEX is used by facilities surveyors, asset and logistics technicians to record and audit space, occupancy, allocation and asset information using mobile devices.  Inventory counts, occupancy surveys and space surveys, critical to your business success, are conducted using FieldFLEX mobile survey forms and interactive floor maps to locate and update  information.  To further streamline activities and ensure field technicians are collecting data in the most efficient way,  wireless barcode readers can be used with FieldFLEX to quickly scan and gather data.  FieldFLEX gives you the confidence your asset, space and occupancy data is accurate and up-to-date.

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Mobile Inspections



An organization’s facilities are required to be compliant with many safety and operational regulations.   FieldFLEX provides a compelling return on investment through  mitigation of an organization’s exposure to risk from accident litigation; accident clean-up and repair expenses; government fines; and damage to an organization’s brand. Maximize operational effectiveness, and the health & safety of your organization with FieldFLEX.  Maintain compliance with the regulations that affect your facilities in real-time with FieldFLEX Mobile Inspections.

Create your own inspection templates for any purpose.  Schedule and dispatch inspections to field users to conduct, revise and update their inspection projects.  The FieldFLEX Inspection Framework offers multi-level, nested question definitions, conditional child questions, multiple answer types, and answer-based activities such as automatic service request creation. 


FieldFLEX Maps

FieldFLEX Maps



FieldFLEX Maps is your personal kiosk for locating building amenities, such as washrooms, food services, elevators and stairs, and other shared use spaces.  With interactive mobile floor plans users can search for amenities, search for employees to find out their seating location, or locate and book meeting spaces and shared workspaces using the mobile reservations add-in.

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