FieldFLEX Mobile Self-Service

ff-mssFieldFLEX Mobile Self Service brings the power of FieldFLEX facilities and real estate mobile applications to the rest of the corporate user community. Corporate personnel looking for ways to access corporate data and services on a mobile device can now reach facilities and other corporate services using FieldFLEX.

FieldFLEX Mobile Self Service gives the corporate user the ability to locate employees, assets and rooms using interactive floor maps, find and reserve a workspace or meeting room on-the-spot, submit a request for service, or simply update your employee profile. FieldFLEX is designed to make your workday more productive.

FieldFLEX Maps
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FieldFLEX Maps

FieldFLEX Maps



FieldFLEX Maps is your personal kiosk for locating building amenities, such as washrooms, food services, elevators and stairs, and other shared use spaces.  With interactive mobile floor plans users can search for amenities, search for employees to find out their seating location, or locate and book meeting spaces and shared workspaces using the mobile reservations add-in.

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Mobile Reservations



FieldFLEX Mobile Reservations is a purpose-built mobile application that leverages the power of IBM TRIRIGA & ARCHIBUS Reservation functionality.  With FieldFLEX Reservations, mobile users are able to create new reservations on-the-fly, check in and out, cancel or repeat past reservations.

When employees arrive at a work location, FieldFLEX can automatically check them into a meeting or workspace based on their GPS proximity to the FieldFLEX Check-In-Zone™.  The FieldFLEX Check-In-Zone™ detects employee mobile devices as they enter the radial zones around work locations (buildings), searches for pending reservations and checks them into upcoming reservations.  Zone areas and GPS device detection times can be configured for each facility.

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Mobile Service Requests



FieldFLEX Mobile Service Requests is a simple light mobile application that allow users submit and review service tickets.  Service Requests harnesses all the power of the full Maintenance & Field Services mobile app in a simple-to-use mobile form.  Mobile users easily create requests using pre-populated pick lists and auto-location features, plus can snap pictures to attach to their request.  At any time, users can check the status of their requests from their mobile devices.

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